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Improving specificity of the musical mood induction procedure.

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posted on 24.05.2021, 10:08 by Lisa Liskovoi
The musical mood induction procedure was used to induce 3 negative moods: sadness, fatigue and anxiety. Induction was validated using subjective and physiological measures. One hundred twenty-seven participants listened to one of 18 film soundtrack excerpts for 20 minutes. Physiological response (heart rate, respiration, skin conductance level (SCL), and facial electromyography) was recorded throughout the induction and postinduction phases. Subjective mood ratings (sadness, anxiety, tiredness, valence, arousal) were provided before induction and throughout the postinduction phase. Repeated measures ANOVAs showed increase in valence and decrease in arousal in all conditions after induction, which persisted in the postinduction phase, and an increase in tiredness immediately after induction. Reduction in SCL was strongest in the fatigue condition. However, difference between groups was only evident when comparing fatigue and sadness conditions between 3-10 minutes. Lack of between-group differences and mixed physiological findings suggest that specificity is difficult to achieve through musical mood induction.



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Frank Russo Colleen Carney Naomi Koerner Ryerson University

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