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Incorporating cumulative environmental effects of finfish mariculture into Canadian environmental assessment

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posted on 24.05.2021, 12:52 authored by Sarah Coldwell King
A Traffic Light Decision Support System (DSS) used in marine finfish federal environmental assessments was expanded to include regional and cumulative environmental impacts. A retrospective review of 23 existing mariculture farms in southwestern New Brunswick indicated whether cumulative interactions would have justified site approvals. Six new criteria were added to the far-field component and other existing criteria were amended. Scores of A, B+, B⁻, C and pre-emptive C were based on acceptability criteria. Calculations of cumulative ecosystem indices and potential site indices revealed site acceptability, and the index combinations suggested potential site approvals predicted using Hargrave's (2002) three-colour Traffic Light scheme. Before mitigation was considered, 19 of 23 sites failed the amended set of criteria and after considering mitigation, 8 sites failed. Combining the site and ecosystem indices yielded varying site acceptability scores. The role of mitigation and other factors in hindering sustainable siting was discussed





Master of Applied Science


Environmental Applied Science and Management

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Ryerson University

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Ron Pushchak