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Interactive Live-stream Guidebook for Chinese News Broadcast

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posted on 22.05.2021, 09:42 authored by Yanjun Li
In recent years, Chinese news organizations and video websites have begun developing live-stream programs on various platforms, including smartphone apps and websites. These programs are aimed at growing audiences, encouraging engagement, and improving competitive strength. However, most of the live-stream programs in China are still run by traditional media giants. Their live-stream production teams have not found out how to effectively engage with audiences in the digital era. Their livestream discourse only includes reporters and anchors, rather than involving audiences and guests. Thus, a guidebook which can offer everything you need to run a successful interactive live-stream production would serve as a useful tool for the Chinese media industry. In this interactive live-stream guidebook ( mysite), there are several principles which explain how this platform can fill the audience's demand for discourse in today’s news world. The guidebook also provides methods on how to resolve and improve an interactive live-stream workflow.





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