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KÖP DEN HÄR! How IKEA North York visually communicates persuasive messages to shoppers

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posted on 24.05.2021, 18:18 authored by Nima Naik
This Major Research Paper (MRP) closely examines IKEA North York as an organization that constructs visual messages in their retail environments and persuasively communicates to its shoppers through visuals in product displays, including display structure, signage, and location, to encourage consumer behaviour and impact purchasing decisions. Three product displays were closely examined in the “Cookshop & Tableware” department of IKEA North York’s Market Hall through a thorough visual analysis of each product display utilizing four guiding concepts derived from document design and visual communication (information hierarchy, white space, colour, and ambience) and examining corresponding consumer behaviour through on-site observations. Preliminary conclusions state that while IKEA North York effectively designs its retail space on a 2-dimensional plane, further consideration needs to be taken when designing the 3-dimensional nature of the store environment. This research could be furthered through the inclusion of a broader data set and wider criteria for examination.





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