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Leaching Impact on Compressibility and Shear Strength of Undisturbed and Cement-treated Champlain Sea Clay

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posted on 08.06.2021, 09:31 authored by Mohammad Afroz
This research investigated the impact of leaching on the compressibility and shear strength properties of undisturbed and cement-treated Champlain Sea clay. A total of five undisturbed clay samples were leached with distilled water in the laboratory to reduce the salinity from initial values ranging from 9.5 to 15 g/L to the salinity values of 2.75, 1.45, 1.03, 0.55, and 0.35 g/L. A series of geotechnical tests were conducted on these samples at different salinity levels, including constant rate of strain consolidation tests, consolidated isotropic undrained triaxial compression tests, and vane shear tests. The experimental results showed that leaching leads to an increase in the compressibility and a reduction in shear strength of undisturbed Champlain Sea clay. The experimental results revealed that cement, mixed at a dosage of 50 kg/m3 , can significantly decrease the compressibility and increase the shear strength of Champlain Sea clay. A leached cement-treated sample exhibits a relatively higher compressibility than that of unleached cementtreated one. An increase in compressibility was also observed as salinity declines for the cementtreated samples. Moreover, a cement-treated sample at a lower salinity level displays slightly a higher shear strength compared to that of a cement-treated sample at the original salinity level.





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