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Lightning environment in the vicinity of the CN tower during major storms

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posted on 24.05.2021, 15:32 by Norhan Mansour
Based on the North American Lightning Detection Network data and the return-stroke currents recorded at the CN Tower, the lightning environment within 100 km from the CN Tower is thoroughly investigated, especially while the tower was struck with major storms in 2011 and 2005. On Aug 24, 2011, video records showed that the tower was struck with 52 flashes within about 84 minutes, pointing out to the most intense storm that has ever been observed at the tower. During this most intense storm, the tower’s current measurement system recorded 32 flashes, containing 161 return strokes, resulting in an average flash multiplicity of 5, which is 80% higher than the average multiplicity of flashes occurring in the vicinity of the tower. Since the tower is repeatedly hit by lightning and its flashes produce markedly higher number of strokes, then it definitely poses an electromagnetic interference risk to nearby sensitive installations, including those in downtown Toronto.





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