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Load and thermal resistance of sandwitched steel-wood composite walling systems infilled with innovative commercial form material

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posted on 08.06.2021, 11:45 authored by Ashok Kumar Yadov
This research investigated the behaviour of sandwich profiled steel sheet composite wall (PSSCW) and oriented strand board composite wall (OSBCW) with infill commercial form material (CFM). The axial load behaviour of PSSCWs and OSBCWs having different height to width ratio and PSS/OSB-CFM connector spacing was analysed based on experimental results of strength, load-deformation response, load-strain development and failure modes. In addition, flexural behaviour of OSBCW and the thermal conductivity tests on PSSCW and OSWCW specimens were carried-out. The axial load capacity of PSSCW/OSSCW was increased by 946% to 1714% compared to walls without in-fill and decreased with the increase of height to width and connector spacing to height ratio. The existing analytical equations were found to over predict the axial load capacity of both PSSCWs and OSBCWs. The recommendation of this research will understand the axial, flexural and thermal behaviour of PSSCW/OSBCW with CFM infill for practical building applications.





Master of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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