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Load distribution in concrete solid slab bridges

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posted on 08.06.2021, 09:32 by Muhammad Ishtiaq
Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) specifies empirical equations for the moment and shear distribution factors for selected bridge configurations. These empirical equations were based on the orthotropic plate theory with equivalent slab bending and torsional rigidity. Also, they were based on analysis procedure and CHBDC truck loading condition slightly different from those specified in the current CHBDC code of 2006. In this study, a parametric study was conducted, using the finite-element modeling to determine the moment and shear distribution factors for solid slab bridges subjected to CHBDC truck loading. Shell elements were used to model the bridge deck slab supported over bearings on each side of the bridge at 1.2 m spacing. The results from the parametric study were correlated to those available in the CHBDC code. Results show considerable difference in FEA results and CHBDS equations, especially for shear distribution factors. This project provides research results that can be used further to develop more reliable expressions for moment and shear distribution factors for solid slab bridges.





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Civil Engineering

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