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Locked Up and Blocked Out: The Digital Divide for Formerly Incarcerated Women in Canada

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posted on 23.05.2021, 14:28 authored by Emma L. Reid
In Canadian prisons and jails, populations are not able to access the internet, and many other essential technologies. Several research studies have examined the impact of the digital divide on incarcerated populations in the United States and other countries around the world (Barreiro-Gen & Novo-Corti, 2015; Reisdorf & Rikard, 2018). This study will expand on the current research by examining the impact of restrictions to internet access in Canadian prisons on the lives of formerly incarcerated women in Canada and, more specifically, how these restrictions affect their ability to reintegrate into society after the period of incarceration. The methodology of this research will be qualitative, and data will be collected through semi-structured interviews with individuals who have a variety of different experiences with the women’s correctional system in Canada. This study will address major areas of research in the field of study that addresses the digital divide, including the learning and development of digital skills, and how different identities can intersect to impact the way individuals experience the digital divide. Through constant comparative content analysis, this study describes the experience of the digital divide, how it both persists and develops from the time of incarceration to life post-incarceration, and how it can compound other types of barriers faced by women who have been incarcerated in our country.





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