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Low Velocity Impact Assessment Of Flax And Kevlar-Flax Fibre Reinforced Polymer Laminates Using Experimental and Numerical Methods

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posted on 22.05.2021, 13:52 authored by Benedict Lawrence Sy
Flax/epoxy composite laminates were tested under low velocity impact loading, using passive Infra-Red thermography to monitor the damage evolution during the impact event. Two configurations were tested: unidirectional ([08F]S) and cross-ply ([(0/90)4F]S). The unidirectional laminate exhibited poor and brittle impact response. Conversely, the cross-ply laminate showed better impact performance with its energy penetration threshold three times higher than the unidirectional. Its impact toughness was also 2.5 times higher. Additional tests were conducted to evaluate the effect of hybridization with Kevlar®49. Test results showed significant improvement on the impact performance of the unidirectional flax/epoxy laminate. Hybridization increased its energy penetration threshold three times and impact toughness five times. Conversely, it reduced the penetration threshold of the cross-ply flax/epoxy laminate by 10%; however, it more than doubled the impact toughness. The impact toughness the Kevlar-Flax/epoxy laminates were slightly higher than those of aluminum and CFRP’s, making them sustainable alternatives for impact applications.





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