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Misogyny and gaming: the maintenance of a male-gendered gamer culture

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posted on 24.05.2021, 12:16 by Stephanie Kendrick
The construction of the gamer identity as one that is naturally male, originates from culturally embedded societal gender roles and techno masculinity, and the industry as a male-dominated space. Despite these associations being solely derivative of cultural norms, each posits female gamers as inferior to their male counterparts. However, the mainstream popularization of gaming, and increase in the accessibility of videogames, has facilitated a diversification of the gaming population and its associated practices, posing a threat to the traditional gamer identity. The result is a cultural shift that could restructure a cultural landscape that was once highly exclusive, initiating a number of operations that alienate female gamers, as a means of preserving an illusion of male ownership. These operations are apparent in literature and gamer discourse. An original survey and participant-observer discourse analysis were used to collect data on the pervasiveness of misogyny in the community.





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