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Mixed Metal-Organic Dyes With Dual Electrophores: Designing More Robust Dyes for Light-Harvesting Applications

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posted on 23.05.2021, 09:37 by Jennifer Huynh
Donor-π-spacer-acceptor architectures are a favourable motif in the design of dyes for light harvesting applications. Organic compounds offer cost-effectiveness and synthetic design versatility, while inorganic compounds possess long term redox stability and wide range for absorption. Uniting both types of molecules allows utilization of these properties. Several projects were undertaken with the theme of a hybrid dye system and study of their redox stability. Chapter 1 gives a brief overview of the inorganic and organic compounds that paved the research in DSSC dyes. Chapter 2 details a review on copper(I) dyes in the literature and preliminary synthesis towards a D-π-A templated copper(I) dye. Chapter 3 looks into the robust potential of novel BODIPY dyes that utilize ferrocene as an electron rich donor. Chapter 4 represents a series of BODIPY-redox active donor dyads, the study of their redox stability provide insight on the decomposition pathway of these conjugates.





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Ryerson University

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