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Modelling of methoprene concentration at storm sewer outfall

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posted on 08.06.2021, 09:57 authored by Cynthia Tam
The objective of this report is to compare the predicted concentration of methoprene, a larvicide used in the City of Toronto to control the widespread of West Nile Virus by suppressing mosquito growth, at storm sewer outfall during a typical year rainfalls (1980 rainfalls) with the Interim Provincial Water Quality Objectives (IPWQO). The methoprene that is under investigation in this report is in form of ingot. Extending from an existing spreadsheet-based model that simulates the methoprene concentration within two monitored catch basins in the Newtonbrook sewershed of North York, methoprene concentration at the sewer outfall during the 1980 rainfalls is predicted by linear projection upon calibration of the model with the methoprene mass at the outfall measured in year 2005. Results show that predicted methoprene concentration at outfall exceeds the IPWQO in six days out of the one-hundred-day period. It is recommended that to better mimic the actual situation, traveling time effect and sensitivity analysis on catch basin sump volume be included in future study.





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