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Non-profit brand and corporate sponsorship in performing arts organizations

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posted on 23.05.2021, 09:52 authored by Leila Fene
This purpose of this paper is as follows. First, it will investigate Thompson and Stegemann's theory that suggests that for performing arts organizations, brand and brand equity are contributed to by a number of different sources, each of which may have their own brand and brand equity ("Brand Equity and the Cultural Event: The Amalgamation of Multiple Brands for a Unified Marketing Communications Performance", 2). The multi-faceted composition of brand equity will be examined with a specific application to potential impact on corporate sponsorship. Each of the key elements that contribute to brand equity will be examined with specific reference to the potential benefits and hazards they may bring to a corporate sponsorship relationship. Secondly, this paper will propose the addition of four additional sources of brand equity to those proposed by Thompson and Stegemann. These sources will also be evaluated for relevance to corporate sponsorship. It is hoped that this paper and further studies into non-profit brand will balance the brand equation in arts sponsorship relationships, where traditional emphasis has been placed on the brand of the donor. This may, in turn, work to pave the way for a more equitable and mutually beneficial sponsor relationship or partnership between corporations and arts organizations -- Page 2.



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