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Nurse practitioners and eMedRec: a phenomenological exploration

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posted on 22.05.2021, 17:47 by Nadine Medley
The impact of technology on patient safety has been inconclusive. A qualitative approach informed by Van Manen (1990; 2014) has the potential to reveal nuances inherent in the process of technology use in healthcare; therefore, this study’s purpose was to understand and assign meaning to the lived experience of Nurse Practitioners’ (NP) eMedRec use. Data were collected via two interviews per participant with a total sample of six NPs. A layered approach was used for data analysis including epoche-reduction, thematic analysis and cognitive mapping. The major themes identified were: 1) Caring for the patient and family, 2) Enacting patient safety, 3) Practicing within the professional role and scope, 4) Wading through the system and working through the process, and 5) Learning and unlearning overtime. Key recommendations are that eMedRec systems could better prioritize patients and be designed in consultation with the NPs, patients and their families.





Master of Nursing



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Ryerson University

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