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Optimal Sugar Compostitions And Conditions For Enhanced Biobutanol Bioproduction From Agriculture Residues

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posted on 22.05.2021, 15:17 by Hadeel A. Nedaff
Production of alternative non-fossil biofuels based on renewable resources has been the focus of research in the past few decades due to its environmental and economical advantages. The current study focuses on testing two Clostridia strains towards production of butanol. The work was performed in three parts: the first part includes introducing C acetobutylicum ATCC 4259 for butanol production and identifying the proper working conditions for this strain. The following part includes extending investigation of production to examine C. beijerinckiiBA101 and compare with results obtained from C. acetobutylicum. In the last part, an optimization study was conducted on a presently derived mathematical model in order to predict the best sugar composition in the feedstock for maximum production of butanol. Results showed that the agriculture residues are potential biomass resource for biofuel industry sin both Clostridia strains were successfully able to utilize all types of agricultural sugars including hexose and pentose. However, using C. beijerinkckii resulted in 53% higher butanol concentration than using introduced C. acetobutylicum. The yield was fairly comparable, while high acid accumulation found when using C. acetobutylicum made this strain inapplicable to anaerobic batch fermentation without effective system of pH control.





Master of Applied Science


Chemical Engineering

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Ryerson University

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Yaser Dahman Ginette Turcotte

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