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Out of the rough: how can municipalities better utilize their golf lands?

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posted on 25.05.2021, 07:14 authored by Darcy James Watt
Golf has declined in recent years as younger generations fail to take up the sport leaving many municipally-owned golf courses in financial trouble. As cities face numerous growing challenges such as housing, public transit and the lack of public greenspaces, closing municipal golf courses has been touted as a possible solution. While municipal golf courses are open to the public, barriers to entry such as a dress code and green fees have left them inaccessible to many residents making them not truly public spaces. Municipal golf courses however do have benefits such as providing an affordable golfing experience in an urban setting. This research paper will look at how municipalities can better utilize their golf course lands with a focus on two City of Toronto municipal golf courses: Scarlett Woods Golf Course and Dentonia Park Golf Course. This paper highlights the different options cites could employ to adapt their golf facilities. Key Words: golf, golf courses, parks and recreation, Toronto, redevelopment, adaptation, parks and physical activity, Scarlett Woods, Dentonia Park,





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