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Performance comparative study of single and multi-carrier CDMA-based wireless communication systems

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posted on 24.05.2021, 11:42 authored by Guangjian Feng
This project presents the system performance on three self-developed system models: single-carrier wide-band CDMA, multi-carrier DS SS CDMA and hybrid CDMA / OFDM. These three models are developed from a basic Matlab-based wireless communication system model and have been put into hundreds of experimental simulations to rectify the functions of every single block. In the goal to evaluate the performance of a modern multiple access system, series of simulations that are carefully planned and adjusted are carried out. Characteristics such as spectrum, orthoganality, number of chips, multi-user interference and guard band are covered throughout the simulations. Simulation results are translated into mathematical plots and analyzed. Finally, the project is summarized and some conclusions are drawn as well.





Master of Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ryerson University

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