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Pixel preservation : observations on the current collecting and preservation practices of cultural heritage institutions regarding born digital photographic materials

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posted on 24.05.2021, 07:02 by Siobhan Creem
The role of born digital photographic materials in the collections of cultural heritage institutions is growing, as are concerns about preserving these images for the future. In order to ensure the longevity of these materials, there are many complex issues that need to be considered before museums, libraries, archives, and other cultural collecting institutions acquire born digital photographic materials in significant quantities. There are many components involved in making appropriate decisions for any particular institution. This thesis project will address some of the issues that should be tackled before collecting born digital photographic materials, and it will also share some thoughts about what selected institutions are doing currently in regard to collecting and preserving born again digital photographic materials. There also will be suggested guidelines for institutions to consider when starting to study the acquisition process, as well as resources to contemplate before and after undertaking any acquisition process of born digital photographic materials.





Master of Arts


Photographic Preservation and Collections Management

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Ryerson University

LAC Thesis Type