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Prefabricated Housing and LEED

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posted on 23.05.2021, 12:11 by Amir Shahi
Prefabricated house could be a sustainable way to provide residences for Canadians. This research project is intended to assess prefabrication in terms of its compliances and potential links to LEED for Home by a commentary approach on each selected components of LEED. To achieve this goal, an in-depth analysis of the current situation of the prefabricated housing industry in Canada was carried out to come up with the appropriate results for this paper. Also a relevancy assessment has been carried out to identify potential LEED credits that can be directly or indirectly relevant to prefabricated homes. Furthermore, LEED credits have been examined to show to which degree prefabricated homes can facilitate achieving LEED points. EcoTerra house has been selected to be LEED rated to assess the role of prefabrication in achieving LEED points. As results some recommendations are given to be considered followed by limitations and suggestions for future researchers.





Master of Building Science


Building Science

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Ryerson University

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