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Preserving a family’s photographic history: the private collection of Michina Pope

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posted on 08.06.2021, 14:05 by Margalit E. Slovin
Photographs can provide a pictorial testimony of a familial history; yet, each time objects are moved and handled the risk of loss and deterioration increases. However, to date, little guidance has been available to private collectors on how to organize and preserve their photographic collections. My practical thesis focuses on the unique challenges of organizing, preserving and digitizing a private collection of approximately 250 glass plate negatives and four corresponding albums, belonging to Michina Pope in Toronto, Canada. Using this specific collection, I have summarized my research with the intention of creating an illustrated manual with clear guidelines as a resource to help guide private collectors in caring for their photographic collection. In lieu of a specifically purposed manual, this thesis paper an act, in the time being, as a guide for collectors and/or those working with private collections of photographic materials.





Master of Arts


Film and Photography Preservation and Collections Management

Granting Institution

Ryerson University

LAC Thesis Type