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Push-Off Tests On Full-Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panel To Steel Girder Connection

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posted on 08.06.2021, 10:04 by Bahman Marvi
The use of prefabricated elements and systems in bridge construction has recently been the subject of much attention and interest amongst bridge jurisdictions as a way of improving bridge construction. Through mass production of the materials, the repeated use of forms, reduction of on-site construction time and labour by concentrating the construction effort in a fabrication facility rather than at the bridge site, significant economic benefits can replacement. The current traditional bridge rehabilitation/replacement system in most situation is very time consuming and costly. Issues related to work zone safety and traffic highways because of the significant economic impact on commercial and industrial activities. As a result, prefabricated bridge technology is seen as a potential solution to many if these issues. Prefabricated elements and systems can be quickly assembled and could reduce design efforts, reduce the impact on the environment in the vicinity of the site, and minimize the delays and lane closure time and inconvenience to the traveling public, saving time and tax payers' money. This project investigates the full-depth precast bridge deck panels with no overlays connected to the steel girders using lumped shear connectors Eight panel-steel girder connections of different shear connector configurations were erected and tested to complete collapse to examine their structural behaviour, crack pattern and ultimate load carrying capacity. Based on the experimental findings, recommendations for practical applications were drawn.





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