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RESSO: a social media network for luxury retail

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posted on 22.05.2021, 08:24 by Asma Arslan
This Major Research Project investigates the role of social media to fill the gap created in online and offline dynamics of Luxury Industry over the recent years. This gap is evident in the fact that 75% research about a purchase is done online but online sales bring are only a mere 6%. Psychological study of luxury brand consumers informs the aim of luxury brands to mainly deliver status elevation, social stratification and internal satisfaction. Resso is a project inspired by the psychological objectives of luxury consumers and online consumers decision journey referred to as CDJ. Resso is an online hybrid luxury market place which is a highly interactive social media network where users shop luxury goods. They also receive luxury client services, offers, access to latest reviews and YouTube influencers linked to each product. Users make real connections with each other and an option to give and track charity on one digital platform. The paper will discuss theories of luxury brand management, present digital scenario, the design structure and affordances of the project Resso.





Master of Digital Media


Digital Media

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Ryerson University

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