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Reassurance-seeking behaviour, intolerance of uncertainty, and neurocognitive functioning in obsessive-compulsive disorder

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posted on 24.05.2021, 15:12 authored by Erin Orr
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychological condition involving excessive reassurance-seeking (ERS), or repeated questioning of others about something perceived as threatening; low cognitive confidence; and intolerance of uncertainty (IU; Cougle et al., 2012; Nedeljkovic et al., 2009; Parrish, 2009). Relationships between these symptoms and several domains of cognitive functioning were examined in the present study. Thirty-five OCD patients and 34 healthy controls completed a battery of psychological questionnaires and neurocognitive measures. Results indicated that OCD patients reported greater levels of ERS than healthy controls in three different situations. Furthermore, significant relationships were identified between: (1) decision-related ERS and decision-making impairment, (2) cognitive confidence and decision-related ERS, and (3) a particular form of IU, inhibitory IU, and decision-making impairment. These findings are important, as these psychological symptoms are associated with negative outcomes. The relationships identified provide an important foundation for future research and the development of targeted interventions for these symptoms.





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