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Second generation of the diagnostic tool for the In vivo measurement of strontium levels in human bone

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posted on 24.05.2021, 19:21 by Mira Sibai
Strontium (Sr) is an element collected naturally in the human body through diet. It has a paradoxical effect on bone health, where at low doses Sr enhances bone health. The beneficial effects of Sr warranted its use as a complimentary treatment for osteoporosis. The current source-bases Sr in vivo x-ray fluorescence (IVXRF) system is in clinical use to study the incorporation and retention of Sr in bone after administration of Sr supplements. This system however can only monitor relative changes in bone with a limited level of accuracy. Therefore a second generation of the diagnostic tool has been developed and optimized aiming to improve the accuracy and precision of an IVXRF measurement. The system comprises of an optically focused x-ray tube producing monochromatic x-rays and a silicon drift detector. Furthermore, optimal parameters to run the system are investigated, along with three different means of signal normalization.





Master of Science


Biomedical Physics

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Ryerson University

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Pejović Milić