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Selling cool: a visual analysis of Apple's brand identity

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posted on 11.06.2021, 20:50 authored by Heather McVetty
Apple Inc. has positioned itself in the minds of consumers as cool and innovative by carefully creating and curating a brand identity by highlighting experience, disruption, and contrast. This research explores how Apple has harnessed its brand to convey to consumers that its products are cool and innovative. Based on literature looking at the impacts of product design, branding, and conveying innovation, this visual analysis explores how Apple uses unique design to convey an image of product innovation, and how it conveys product innovation through video advertisements. It looks specifically at some of Apple’s iconic campaigns; 1984, Are You Gonna be My Girl, and This is Your iPhone. Taken as a group, the analysis of these campaigns suggests how Apple conveys a cohesive brand identity and presumptive product innovation and how it denotes innovation with the branding aesthetics in its advertisements. By focusing on its brand image, radical design, and user experience – rather than the technical aspects of its products – Apple has been able to convey innovation and cool to consumers.





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