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Settlement Experiences Of Trans Latinx Refugees In Canada

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posted on 16.09.2021, 18:46 by Caro Castro
This MRP works to examine the intersectional experiences of Trans Latinx Refugees around gender identity, language, citizenship, sexual orientation, race and class during the settlement process by answering the research question: What are the experiences of Trans folks during their Refugee and Settlement process? The study used Qualitative Phenomenological design to focus on two different types of phenomena: the participants' trans identity and their settlement process as refugees. The following themes were found and analyzed: 1) Intersections of Transphobia and Racism; 2) Systemic Barriers & Access to Services; and 3) Moving Forward: Empowerment, Community Building & Allies on the Inside. In conclusion, the implications for both social work and research with these communities have been identified.





Master of Social Work


Social Work

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Ryerson University

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Henry Parada