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Simplified Approach Of Seismic Analysis Using A Planar Linear Elastic Model For An Office Building With No Regularity In Plan In Comparison To A Spatial Model According To Finite Element Software

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posted on 26.10.2021, 17:18 authored by Timo Schlenker
This master’s project introduces a simplified approach to calculate the earthquake resistance of a four-storey office building. Therefore, the moment distribution of each bracing wall according to the approach will be compared to the moment distribution according to the earthquake resistance calculation of a finite element software. Both, the simplified approach and the calculation using a spatial model will be introduced and performed. The comparison then will be investigated to explain the differences and why the approach can not be considered to be a conservative simplification to calculate the investigated building for earthquake resistance.
Furthermore, this masters project is based on the 2018 German National Annex of Eurocode 8 and compares it to the predecessor version of 2011.





Master of Engineering


Civil Engineering

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Ryerson University

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Thesis Project

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Jinyuan Liu