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Socail Media As A Storytelling Landscape: Analyzing Content & Engagement In Publisher's Social Media

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posted on 23.05.2021, 18:36 authored by Marta Soszynski, Laila Rohani
Understanding user expectations for using specific SNS platforms may help better manage affordances to fit characteristics of a brand’s persona. This paper attempts to gain insight into book publisher’s current social media strategies and how affordances are being used to enhance engagement. A content analysis was conducted on three publishers on their Facebook and Instagram. Posts were categorized according to type. The most engaging post types were identified, and affordances were quantified. Finally, it was determined what engagement dimensionalities were embedded in comments. Findings indicated that all publishers maintained similar post content between the two platforms, of a product-type. Dialogue-type content was the most engaging. Affective and behavioral dimensions were found in comments made by consumers, and cognitive engagement was primarily found in administrator replies. Findings provide additional insight on social media affordance use by brands, the relevance of engagement dimensions, and the relationship between brands and online communities.





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