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Something Ordinary To Something Navy- Exploring Influencer Arielle Charnas’ Use Of Parasocial Interaction Techniques On Instagram

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posted on 22.05.2021, 15:50 by Lesley Shiner
The purpose of this research paper is to explore ideas that may highlight why Instagram users may be interested in following the lives and daily activities of social media influencers on Instagram. Social media influencers have been defined as “independent third party endorsers who have developed sizeable social networks by sharing details about their personal lives, experiences, and opinions publicly through texts, pictures, videos” (Ki & Kim, 2019, p. 905). Research also suggests that if successful, influencers can become “opinion leaders who communicate with a sizeable social network of people following them” (Boerman, 2020, p. 199). Arielle Charnas is a New York City fashion influencer with over one million followers on Instagram, and she will be used as a case to study alongside parasocial interaction to explore how, as an influencer, she incorporates techniques from this theory to establish a connection with her followers. This MRP supports research that proposes that the two established parasocial interaction techniques of perceived interactivity and openness “should increase feelings of parasocial interaction” (Labrecque, 2014, p. 136). Moreover, the analysis of Arielle’s Instagram supports the concept that the development of feelings of a parasocial relationship can be enhanced when “media presentations resemble interpersonal interaction” (Perse & Rubin, 1989, p. 60).





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