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Spanning With Binary Options: A Vector Lattice Approach

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posted on 22.05.2021, 13:09 by Dinesh Acharya
The issue of portfolio insurance is one of the prime concerns of the investors who want to insure their asset at minimum or appropriate cost. Static hedging with binary options is a popular strategy that has been explored in various option models (see e.g. (2; 3; 4; 7)). In this thesis, we propose a static hedging algorithm for discrete time models. Our algorithm is based on a vector lattice technique. In chapter 1, we give the necessary background on the theory of vector lattices and the theory of options. In chapter 2, we reveal the connection of lattice-subspaces with the minimum-cost portfolio insurance strategy. In chapter3, we outline our algorithm and give applications to binomial and trinomial option models. In chapter 4, we perform simulations and analyze the hedging errors of our algorithm for European, Barrier, Geometric Asian, Arithmetic Asian, and Lookback options. The study has revealed that static hedging could be suitable strategy for the European, Barrier, and Geometric Asian options as these options have shown less inclination to the rollover effect.





Master of Science


Applied Mathematics

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Ryerson University

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