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Technology, culture and industry: Canadian communications regulation and digital policy.

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posted on 23.05.2021, 15:31 by Zoe Morawetz
"Such matters related to digital technology, communications policy and converged media have recently incited much debate in Canada, eliciting various perspectives on strategies to meet a digital future. These debates include publicly conducted national discussions about copyright, net neutrality and the nature of broadcasting. Many proposals are informed by Canadian industries' integration into an increasingly globalized digital economy, national government engagement with the jurisdictional difficulties of the Internet and the increasingly fragmented content universe but technologically converged daily experience of the information worker or digitally literate citizen. Unequal opportunities to access this digital world have made the construction of a national, universal and inclusive digital network infrastructure a common concern."--Pages 3-4.



Master of Arts


Communication and Culture

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Greg Elmer Ryerson University

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