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The ATID project: teaching the holocaust! through digital storytelling

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posted on 24.05.2021, 09:47 by Eli Kowaz
This paper aims to develop a Holocaust education protocol template with the goals of maximizing student engagement, enhancing the student experience, boosting retention of information, and facilitating the individual's identification with the historical events of the Holocaust. The protocol proposed is of general application and is suitable for other current and historic events. At the same time, the Holocaust is a powerful and appropriate event for illustrating the impact of digital media on education, and in particular, it highlights head on the issue of historical distance from actual events and the ways in which digital technology and media can reduce the risk of losing key sources of testimonial experience that are so often central to the student’s appreciation and understanding of such events. This proposed conceptual protocol is founded on three basic dimensions: Content, Learning Sequencing, and Digital Media. These dimensions are interactive and overlapping in the proposed model.!





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Ryerson University

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