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The Collapse of The New Republic: The Rise and Fall of Ideologies in a Digital Age

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posted on 24.05.2021, 08:06 authored by Elise Bradt
The journalism industry is undergoing a profound shift from print to digital media, which has allowed for new modes of storytelling (e.g. Twitter or listicles) and ways of capturing audiences (e.g. click-baiting and data-tracking). This shift in media appears to be attended by a more fundamental ideological shift, where the economic and democratic affordances of digital media have contributed to a privileging of quantity (audience or financial growth) over quality (substance-driven, intellectual journalism). To examine this issue, this paper puts the recent collapse of The New Republic magazine under the microscope. On December 5th, 2014, two thirds of the magazine’s masthead resigned enmass over an ideological dispute involving an increased focus on digital media. Using this profound ideological schism as the launching point for discussion, this paper inquires: what are the opposing ideologies within The New Republic collapse, how do they relate to digital media, and can the collapse at The New Republic be seen as a microcosm for an ideological shift occurring across the journalism industry?





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