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The Impact Of The Virtual Fitting Room On E-Commerce

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posted on 22.05.2021, 17:04 authored by Nada Marzouk
On a high level, this research project explores the impact of the Virtual Fitting Room (“VFR”) technology on e-commerce. More specifically, this project is concerned with exploring the impact of the VFR technology in relation to online fashion sales. The central question this project has considered is: Does a virtual fitting room lead to an increase in 1) social media engagement and 2) product sales? VFR technology provides end users with an understanding of how a piece of clothing fits. This project oversaw the implementation of a series of interventions to measure the value of VFR. To test the premise of this research, six Egyptian fashion designers with an ineffective online presence were assigned to an e-commerce platform with VFR technology. To measure the impact of VFR, the researcher targeted three key audiences: 1) designers who only use social media, 2) designers who use social media and have a website, and 3) designers who use social media and have an e-commerce store with VFR. A benchmark for each of social media engagement, sales, and returns were provided by each designer. Results demonstrated that the presence of VFR significantly increased curiosity, customer loyalty, and engagement, while reducing uncertainty about sizing. However, the data collected was not sufficient to prove a direct correlation between the conversion rate and sales





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