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The Ontario parent involvement policy analysis

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posted on 24.05.2021, 09:31 by Anna Kozak
This study examines Ontario Parent Involvement Policy through the use of critical discourse analysis (CDA). The discourse patterns within the policy are analyzed in order to expose any implicit or explicit power relationships. As part of CDA, critical linguistics are applied, to reveal patterns of written form, such as grammar or sentence structure that may reinforce traditional social and/or educational practices which marginalize certain groups of people. The results suggest that the policy document uses both implicit as well as explicit language that disempowers and marginalizes certain groups of parents. Also, there is visible oppression of minority parents as they are inadequately acknowledged or completely unrepresented in the content of the policy. Although, the policy attempts to eliminate power structures by refocusing control over resources onto parent groups and providing vehicles for parent voice empowerment, many parents are excluded as a result of barriers preventing them from being involved in the school system. Barriers faced by parents are exacerbated for minority parents due to challenges associated with past experiences. language, socioeconomic status, supporting the needs of children with exceptionalities, and lack of familiarity with the system.





Master of Arts


Early Childhood Studies

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Ryerson University

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Rachel Berman