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The Politics of Media and 9/11

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posted on 23.05.2021, 15:45 authored by Sari Klaczkowski
This MRP was inspired by my ongoing interest in the media’s role in educating the public about current events, specifically how the media’s coverage after the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001 influenced their audience. The MRP focused on the broadcast news coverage the week after the terrorist attack and how the framing of the attack, influenced who the public’s understanding of who the enemy of the War on Terror. The MRP conducted a content analysis of FOX News and CNN’s 6:00 broadcast news coverage. The MRP found that the media had a tremendous influence over the public at this time and significantly contributed to their understanding of who the enemy was in the war. It also discovered the role that the Bush Administration had in framing the media’s agenda and they used broadcast television to push their own political agenda. The MRP will teach the reader about the overpowerful role the news media can have, especially in times of crises and how the media can shape and present news events to with significant bias. Winston Churchill once said that with great power comes greater responsibility. This MRP teaches about the great responsibility of the news media and how during the news coverage after the terrorist attack, they unfortunately, did not live up to.





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