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The Spatial Distribution of Development Across Africa and Its Underlying Sustainability Correlations

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posted on 24.05.2021, 17:52 authored by Joshua Ali, Richard R. Shaker
The realization of the critical issues that have been faced by the global community has put a particular focus on assessing the sustainable development of countries. Africa is an area that needs an assessment of sustainable development. With Africa holding over 52% of the world’s natural resources reserves, it is imperative to assess the sustainable development of the countries. The study evaluated what the underlying and spatial distribution on sustainable development was in Africa. Six dimensions of underlying sustainability and three significant signs of spatial autocorrelation were found. This provided information about the sustainability vulnerabilities within Africa. With the majority of the underlying dimensions displaying a socioeconomic focus on sustainability. Showing the collected indices result in a lack of coverage on the environmental side across the countries of Africa.





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