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The design and build of 'special needs' housing for developmentally and physically disabled persons

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posted on 09.07.2021, 16:14 authored by Robert Aquino
Concept/needs of user -- Planning context -- Support services -- Organizations involved -- Design process -- Regulatory framework & community interaction -- Management process -- Appendix A: Typical case study: "Group home in North York" -- Appendix B: Questionnaire: client information profile -- Appendix C: Problem identification matrix -- Appendix D: Group homes, Metropolitan Toronto, 1987 -- Appendix E: Group home operator's neighbourhood dialogue guidelines -- Appendix F: Solicitor's certificate #1 -- Appendix G: Initial project submission "560" -- Appendix H: Project application "1414" -- Appendix I: Standard budget package (Ministry of Community & Social Services) -- Appendix J: Design illustrations -- Appendix K: Metropolitan Toronto Draft Official Plan; Policies -- Appendix L: Management plan (city of Toronto Fire Department) -- Appendix M: Housing types.





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