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The role of hope in patients' use of cancer-related coping strategies

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posted on 23.05.2021, 18:26 authored by Jenna J Belanger
Cancer patient's initial appraisal of the disease (i.e., as a threat, harm, or challenge), as well as their level of hope, has been linked to patients' coping strategies (i.e. approach or avoidance coping). However, it is unclear whether the well-established relationship between primary appraisals and coping in moderated by cancer patients' levels of hope. To determine if hope moderated this realationship, colorectal cancer patients (N=122) completed measures of appraisals and hope following their diagnosis and a measure of coping six-months later. Results indicated that patients appraised cancer as more of a challenge than a threat reported high levels of baseline hope. both challenge appraisals and baseline higher hope predicted approach coming six months later, however, hope did not moderate the relationship between appraisals and coping. This study highlights may of the conceptual, design, and psychometric problems present when measuring appraisals, hope, and coping among cancer patients.





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