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Towards Absolute Dose Measurement In MRI-LINAC And GAMMA KNIFE®: Design And Construction Of An MR-Compatible Water Calorimeter

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posted on 22.05.2021, 10:55 authored by Niloufar Entezari
The purpose of this work was to design and build a portable 4⁰C stagnant Water Calorimeter (WC) for dual use in MRI-linac and Gamma Knife® in addition to conventional radiotherapy linacs. WC determines radiation energy absorbed in a sensitive volume absolutely and directly through measuring radiation-induced temperature rise (related to the medium’s specific heat capacity). To assist with the design process, several parameters involved in calorimeter tank design including tank dimensions, a variety of insulation material and thicknesses, unique cooling design structures to sustain WC at 4⁰C, as well as the calorimeter vessel design were simulated, and the results on heat gain/loss at the point of measurement was evaluated. Based on the optimizations, a calorimeter tank was built, and one single set of initial measurements in a conventional clinical linear accelerator was performed.





Master of Science


Molecular Science

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Ryerson University Sarfehnia, Arman Kumaradas, Carl

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