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Understanding How Tesla Leverages Twitter To Communicate Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility

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posted on 22.05.2021, 17:30 by Kirstin Corbett
As the media coverage of the global climate crisis grows, so does the act of climate conscious consumer activism. As a result, companies have turned to communicating their corporate social responsibility (CSR) on social media in order to leverage their sustainable activities and improve their corporate image. Twitter, specifically, is a popular social media platform for marketing and cultivating business to consumer (B2C) relationships. One company that has become a model of success for CSR on Twitter is Tesla. The findings of this study discover higher interaction around ECSR tagged tweets in combination with a high culture of sharing amongst Tesla’s followers. This study aims to discover how Tesla, an electric car and sustainable energy company, has made their Twitter page both informative and interactive when communicating their environmental corporate social responsibility (ECSR) agenda online. Keywords: Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility, Tesla, Twitter, Online Community





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