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WALLSTOPIA pathways to the real-world providing augmented reality (AR) social platform for individuals to exhibit their medium in real-world

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posted on 23.05.2021, 11:16 authored by Gus Yacin
Most people are living in a fully connected world where high-speed Internet access is becoming the standard. The time is at hand where people can access any information with a simple click on almost any connected device. What is the next step in this technological development? What is the innovation that will become part of everyday human life? There is growing evidence that Augmented Reality (AR) indeed is to be part of the future. This new technology has the potential to alter the way individuals interact with the real-world significantly. AR may become the leading user-interface metaphor for situated computing. It has the unique quality of providing a direct link between the physical world and virtual information about that reality. For this reason, the purpose of Wallstopia AR application is to engage users in experiencing the real-world by using augmented reality (AR) to create, share, and exchange their media while interacting with the real-world. The Wallstopia iPhone application is designed to keep a user within the Wallstopia environment and allow them to generate different types of content by using a different strategy potentially involving real walls, visual walls, and virtual or real rooms that the application provides in order to exhibit their media to other users. Wallstopia includes interaction that adds value to users’ experience such as a selection of viewing angles, allowing movement inside a room, geolocation, touching, and sharing of walls (rooms and visual walls) with other users.





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