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We matter too: Black women and their experiences due to applied streaming in the Ontario secondary school system

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posted on 23.05.2021, 19:00 by Marlesa Olivia Ward
This narrative and arts-based qualitative research study examines life experiences of Black women due to applied streaming in the Ontario secondary school system through an Anti-Black Racism (ABR) and a Black Canadian Feminism framework Two Black women adults in Toronto or the greater Toronto area who went to an Ontario secondary school in the past and were streamed into applied courses were interviewed. Also, an expert in the educational field was interviewed to bring in insider knowledge about social workers role with respect to streaming. ABR and Black Canadian Feminism helped to gain an appropriate and detailed understanding of what Black females experiences look like. Black Canadian Feminism allowed for Black women’s stories to finally be heard and valued. The data was analyzed via line by line analysis which captures every topic and discourse in order to display a proper portrayal of Black women’s narratives.





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Ryerson University

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