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"A Temporary Symbol of a Canadian Dream in the Making": Resource Extraction and Gender-Based Violence Against Indigenous Women

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posted on 24.05.2021, 10:53 by Vanita Clare
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the gendered implications of Canada’s resource extraction industry. To further explore this dynamic, this paper will look at how Indigenous women and girls are impacted by primarily three labour practices adopted by the resource sector: establishing “man camps”, creating demanding work environments, and providing excess levels of income. These labour conditions imposed by resource companies have created a culture within the sector known as “rigger culture” that is marked by sexist, aggressive rhetoric and a partying attitude that encourages the consumption of drugs and alcohol. This rigger culture has successfully reinforced historical patterns of colonial relations, and disproportionately exposes Indigenous women to various forms of gender-based violence. Men within the resource sector are engaging in harmful behaviour that exacerbates existing political, social, and economic disadvantages. The paper then concludes with policy recommendations aimed at addressing the root cause of violence against women in the industry and neighbouring resource regions.





Master of Arts


Public Policy and Administration

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Ryerson University

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