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"Black Men Have To Work Much Harder": An Exploratory Study On The Gendered-Racialized Experiences And HIV Vulnerabilities of Heterosexual Young Black Men

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posted on 23.05.2021, 17:48 by Kimberly M. Bryce
Research literature on the HIV vulnerabilities of heterosexual young Black men tend to focus on individual risky behaviours, without acknowledging the structural conditions that put them at risk. The aim of this study was to explore the gendered and racialized experiences of heterosexual young Black men, their HIV vulnerabilities, and conditions that promote their collective resilience. Using a narrative approach, I conducted two focus groups and five individual interviews (N=15). I also applied the lenses of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and intersectionality to critically analyze the participants’ narratives. The study results showed that social vulnerabilities, produced through anti-Black racism and White hegemonic masculine expectations, shaped the racialized and gendered identities of the participants and increased their HIV vulnerabilities. Participants identified social support, mentorship, access to equitable opportunities and safe space for critical dialogue as conditions that promote their resilience. Thus, effective HIV prevention responses must be underpinned by social justice.





Master of Nursing



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Ryerson University Josephine P. Wong

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