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intimate geographies of the room

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posted on 24.05.2021, 14:22 authored by Nahal Rahnamaei
The private room has existed as a place of refuge from the pressures of public life, the burden of domestic work and has been a signifier of privilege within social constructs. With previous notions of privacy challenged today, it is increasingly important to unpack the structures and ideologies of our intimate built environment. Domestic theatrics are fragmented beyond the confines of the nostalgic house, existing in a slippery state between public and private. The home becomes a dynamic assembly of rooms in which we dwell temporally, hosting a variety of occupants, activities, and objects, assembling a state in which methods of subversion serve to liberate from domestic constructs. By deconstructing the elements of a house, the performance of each room and ritual begins to exhibit an uncanny connection to other spaces. This deconstruction can be facilitated using a dollhouse, which allows architectural elements to be released from their structural and thermal duties: here they are objects of performance, devices to interact through, and explore the boundaries of privacy.





Master of Architecture



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Ryerson University

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June Komisar

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