Reece Steinberg

Librarian, Business and Zone Learning (Economics and business administration; Library science (librarianship))

Toronto, ON

Reece Steinberg is a business liaison librarian at the University Library, Ryerson University. He helps students and faculty to develop effective research techniques and use library tools related to Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism Management and Marketing. His interests include critical market and ESG research, special issues, library pedagogy, podcasts, and advice columns.


  • 1.0 Title Digital Preservation: Issues of Technological Obsolescence
  • Case Studies, Cuts, and Critical Information Literacy
  • 3 Tools for Shorter, Chattier, More Participatory Remote Business Research Instruction
  • Storytelling with Business Resources
  • Video Games as a Library Service
  • Who Likes the Sun? (review)
  • Meta-Stories
  • Post-Communist Power Plays
  • Storytelling with Business Resources.pdf
  • Pitching Through Storytelling

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